Thursday, March 27, 2014

27 March 2014

happy birthday. You were once someone of importance of me and it's a pity that we can only be acquaintances. This fate that we have, should end soon. I will never be close friends with you and I've since accepted that. I just hope that you will be healthy and happy.
Been really tired lately, busy with orientation and work. These few weeks been really fun but my body has been showing signs of fatigue like pimples, eye bags and i feel moody these days. Had a five-hr shift today, it's enough to make my feet ache and curse at stupid customers and be pissed off for no reason. Tomorrow's my off day (literally nothing to do) and I'm excited at the thought of lazing around watching movies, drawing and listening to music.

Need to cherish tomorrow before i welcome another week of hell (which i secretly like)

Also, I realized that my portfolio has nothing. need to do some mentoring soon lol becus i have nth to my name sobs, cca open hse faster come pls so daniel can assign me to teach kids math.

My results were meh but i'm kinda lucky i guess to score Bs when some subjects i really didnt put in as much effort as i shld, need to work hard next sem!

(that's what i always say)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thoughts that ran thru my head today

Been wasting my days doing nothing productive and my stamina (work wise) is getting worse. No longer can i work for 12 hrs straight without feeling shitty/tired/sad.
Replayed "All of Me" the whole day and i just want to get married NOW and be blissfully happy with my husband. I want to be loved too.
Today was damn boring. Work was shitty and i feel that i got compared to others and i lost cause i wasn't as pretty as her but i was too lazy to show my unhappiness.
I realized that i portray myself as this cool person with a laid-back personality, someone who don't get agitated easily when actually, I'm the most short-tempered person. (to important matters)
Need to read some encouraging quotes becus i just feel like crying these days and for no reason at all