Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Can i be that special friend that you're willing to give up popularity for

Hi to anyone who has stumbled upon this meaningless space...
Deshi has been really good these days, so blessed and thankful to have them with me :-)
All those days of petty quarrels are over and i really feel like i belong here, they are my pillars of strength and there's nothing in the world that i will trade them for. Yesterday, the four of us decided to leave Rainbow. Sem 1.1 will always be the best sem ever, to me. The sem that was so fun, carefree, laughing everyday and not caring about seniors. Nowadays, it's more about impressing people.

I realised that i try to steer clear of all these but recently, i began thinking about it again.

I wish to be your friend...becus you're popular ):

This is bad because i know that if i try to be popular,I will only regret it in the end. I will get hurt, like always.

But the longing to be your friend is too much to bear.

Can I? Can I just be someone who means alot to you? I don't want to be popular, i just want to be close friends with popular people so i can listen to their problems and be happy that i know them and i mean alot to them. That's all i want. Being popular requires too much commitment. I just want to be the friend that is ranked first in your heart and that is enough for me.

Can you help me to fufill my wish?

help me.



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