Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm the most awkward person you've ever met

Made friends with shaq today :) he said I'm as awkward as him and that's really not a compliment LOL and today... i messed up sigh i was so awkward around shaq and afiq??????? In the end, i gave myself away as afiq's angel -cries-

My thoughts are all jumbled up and i really hope that my evening run later can cheer me up. On a side note, I'm still trying to list the things that made me happy everyday but it's so hard to think of events on days like these. But, i believe strongly in myself. I did not get into hyruak by chance so i'm going to work hard to prove that Aaron made a right choice in accepting me into hyruak.

Really grateful to have Aaron :') the best FA ever and honestly, the only FA i can imagine myself sharing secrets with and i will show shaq that i can overcome this and be like him too.
"no matter how bad you fuck up, or makes mistakes you've made during this year, your life, your eternity. You're always allowed to be better"- Donald Glover

Thank you zhiyi for attempting to cheer me up with quotes; the only thing that really motivates me to step up and change my life around, for the better.


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