Monday, May 12, 2014



really thank god for times like these. Was still pondering over today main com stuff. I didnt tell anyone about it because i dont want to seem like i want it. In fact, i want it. I really do. And i'm ashamed to tell people i want to be part of HSS main comm. I say i dont like to work with the people. Frankly, i dont think thats the real problem. I dont allow myself this because i dont have good intentions. This doesnt mean i will go around killing people LOL it just means i went against my principles. It means i joined main comm not because of the people like to serve them but rather, just for the title.

I dont like staying back in school. I dont like putting in so much effort. I only want the popularity. I just want to be part of it and be special and be exclusive. Thus, im really thankful somehow i stopped myself for going for it. I know that even if i go, it will be one hell of an experience and there will be a lot of memories and friendships formed.

ugh fuck this im still confused.

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