Wednesday, June 11, 2014

11 June 2014

I got into main comm and I'm the head treasurer wow

When i first heard the news that i got in, i was just so fucking relieved. I got 79 votes only and i really thought i will not make it but i got in, the lowest obviously. What came next was a surprise, we were told to state our preferences and i put head treasurer as first choice, knowing that ty will get it but no, I got it.

I was so surprised that i teared.

Me? Out of all people, me? The person with the lowest votes got to be head? Wow. So happy and thankful that Sharon gave me a chance and then on monday, ty called. He wanted to change cause he wasn't happy with the arrangement and his tone was really scary. But then, he had a talk with jovan and everything turned out okay. He called to apologize later which was totally fine by me. Up till now, it still feels a little surreal that I'm in main comm.
Anyway, had lunch at Ella's before she flew and it was a great lunch although there were no h2h. it made me really miss sem 1.1 where we had h2h often and we were so close but now everyone is so busy that there's no time to chill, relax and talk.
Just watched tvd and its so sad )': my heart really cannot take it that damon has died. Him?????? why?
need to start being organised and shit and it's time to read books and watch movies and relax

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