Sunday, June 15, 2014

humans to animals

Just had this thought that people always complain about being human, like being human is a torture, life is a torture. But to me, it's not at all? Sure, we have our ups and downs but then again, I rather be human than animal. I rather feel and express and be free. I'm not saying that animals cannot express themselves but i feel that animals cannot understand their surroundings, like life has no meaning. It's about survival and may the best win. Humans have that too but at least our life has more meaning like we try to understand ourselves, make sense of the world, find a purpose and not just live aimlessly. We can break routines, think for ourselves and we are just more well built to do more stuff. Also, we are more intelligent and we are more creative.

There are also useless reasons like we can dye our hair, wear nice clothes, surf the net, sing and eat a huge variety of food.

Poems always make life sound deary, sad, boring like insects are better lovers than us what not. But, life is not just that? Maybe it's the sad poems but they always make life seem dull and we should all be animals and just love wholeheartedly. I think the world will be in chaos if we do that, this is why we have common sense. And this means i wont give up my life for you like some insects die so their lovers can eat them to reproduce. No, i don't want. yeah it's noble but i don't want? I don't want to sacrifice myself and it's not like i saved the world, i just sacrificed myself so my lover could do this. So, no.

Being human is good. I rather feel hurt than be an animal and just live for the sake of living. I want to do what i want, think for myself, do something meaningful and have a purpose in life.

I never want to die doing nothing. This is why I'm pushing myself constantly to live everyday to the fullest, trying new things,crossing boundaries, stepping out of comfort zone, learning to appreciate everything around me.

I may not have everything but i feel like I'm on the way to something big. I'm constantly improving myself to be ready for next day's challenge. I push myself to be better than i was yesterday and to have no regrets.

I write down what makes me happy every single day. I dont go to bed unhappy. I joined main comm. I made more friends. I express my love for my friends more. I work hard. I shop. I try to be productive every single day. And, this made me a happier person, so much happier than before, trying things i never would and discovering things about me that i never thought i could achieve.

Life is currently good to me and im so thankful like how everything is falling into place. i'm glad i fractured my toe because if i didn't, i would have joined tri and i wouldn't be in maincomm. Tri is definitely an experience but main comm really made me more open and i learn to be comfortable in my own skin. I didn't get to go japan but it's ok? I can still go next time and this week has been good too :-)

Today, or rather yesterday, was father's day! Bought 2 ralph lauren shirt with my sis to surprise dad and he was so happy? Like he didn't say i love you those stuff but he wore it immediately and say it's nice and he was really happy and I'm glad that i made him happy, at least that day. Also, he has been really supportive in the whole main comm thing and this is really different to sec sch days. He used to be against band or anything that made me have lesser time to study. But, this time, he encouraged and congratulated me when i got in and i think this makes me more confident and i opened up to my parents more, sharing about the main comm stories. It's been a few years since i opened myself up as i used to shut myself out and study or use phone or just go out. When I'm home, i don't talk about myself, i just keep quiet or give attitude. That's all.

I'm just really thankful that i became who i am today.

On a side note, I'm going to pluck my brows tomorrow yay cheers to nice and neat brows and i finally get to meet up with alina and maybe i can shop more.

so, would you rather be human?

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