Tuesday, October 29, 2013


"Two things define you:
  your patience when you have nothing
  your attitude when you have everything"

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack pf updates recently, was busy settling into school: need to get used to the new timetable which SUCKS. I have lessons till 7pm on Mon and Tues, 6pm on wednesday ): good luck to me for the next sem, maybe i can lose weight hheheeeeheh.

Went swimming today with Grace and we were supposed to swim at 10am but..............in the end we swam at 2.30pm and it was only like 5 laps??!?? Ok at first it was too hot so we waited then when we waited to swim, there were 2 guys in the pool and the pool is fricking small so as usual, I made a fuss and we walked the entire neighbourhood to find any condos to sneak into. But, we didnt so we went back and got the courage to swim with them. It was only 5 laps but i was damn tired sobs so my stamina so sucky so we went to bathe and change. Proceeded to have lunch after walking for like 20 mins becus 'everything with a pinch of salt' closed, thai cuisine no wifi, italian food closed so we finally settled at the ground bar and cafe. Got toffee apple cider !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thin crust pizza followed by h2h with rum and raisin ice cream *-*

Was talking about popularity today and I realised i don't reallly have a personality. I'm always a mixture. I'm friendly but I'm cold too. I smile alot but I frown alot too. I like noise but i hate noise too. I love excitement but i dislike the thrill sometimes. There's no constant in me. People like their food sweet or savoury but i like mine sweet/savoury depending on my mood. I realise there is no definite in me. I'm highly unstable, maybe this explains why im so fickle. I take a long time to decide what i want and sometimes i hesitate even though i  know i want it.

I learnt about easy and difficult child today and i realise im a mixture. I laugh and cry easily. I get upset easily. I get happy easily. I'm easily contented. The next minute, I'm not. I don't even know what colour i like, that's how much i dont know about myself.

And that, is utterly depressing. How can i even try to understand people when i don't even know what kind of person i am

I sincerely hope that i will find out what my personality is and i shall give up the thought of being popular because in this life, im meant for other things, not this.

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