Wednesday, October 16, 2013

): when will i ever be happy

ugh just saw something that ruined my whole mood. I was so happy that we closed at 9 today but ugh nevermind. Her tweets never fail to piss me off. Why are you so popular?? Why do so many guys talk to you? What makes you so good? What's so attractive about you? Why do everybody loves you?

Stuck in this downward spiral of self-hatred once again. Was talking to Grace today and I told her all my insecurities sigh like my fat nose etc (small lips...) and she say Im quite pretty. How is that even possible......if im pretty i wont be looking like this at all.

I'm never contented i guess, trying so hard but i can't -cries-

rebonded my hair and it looks ok yay now second task: get piercings

 i give up trying to forget about you becus that's not possible at all

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