Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Learning point

"you have to be silent in order to listen"

Time to start studying hehehehhehe and get that fucking A and prove to everybody I'm worth that ten raw points i got and i'm really better than everybody. I'm gonna ace it since it's what i'm born to do plus it's maths. Ok i'm just saying all this to motivate myself hahaha cause nobody ever motivates me so hard except for me myself bahahhah ok i shall start now.

so basically i spent 12 hours on studying,eating,exercising and trying really hard to stay focused. I managed to revise 6,7,8 so I'm left with 9, 10 and i REALLY REALLY NEED TO FINISH THEM before band
 T-T can someone fucking save me I hate being a librarian i swear it's so fucking tedious and I HATE GIVING OUT SCORES LA. I like to sit and wait for the scores to be passed to me and not stand up, collect scores, print scores ughh life sucks why choose me sobs.

So tomorrow i need to go earlier and give out scores and smoke my way through during band prac. Anyway, I'm seeing my band mates hehehe ok i hope everything goes well tomorrow before i resume working on saturday and sunday......

Being kiasi, i decided to read up on chapter 9 first so at least tomorrow i can have more time to compile everything hahahaah loser is me bye

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