Friday, August 30, 2013

This time tomorrow

Just mustered up my courage to open the chat and all those late night messages started flooding back. The call, the messages, the teasing, the laughter...before we stopped talking. you just stopped replying and i can't even blame anyone because we really ran out of topic and i was hoping we stopped talking because i can't think of anything to say, to keep the conversation alive. Then now,I'm missing those days but if I'm given another chance, i will surely try my best to keep talking to you because you are someone really important to you and i guess you'll never know that. You are important to me as a friend, someone that is mature, so different from my crazy friends. You are the constant in my life, the one that was always here for me those few months before everything changed. it's been two months, my dear friend, how long more must we be strangers to each other? I'm so so so so afraid to talk to you because you are apparently living your life and you have someone else new to talk to. Why will would you miss me? I don't have any reason for you to stay and talk to me and we are so different. It's really a miracle we were so close once.

But, i really miss you as my friend, someone i can complain to, someone i can rely on like a big bro, someone who is so calm that i feel so safe around you, someone that makes me angry but happy too. Sigh i really hate myself for being like this, thinking about it everyday for the past two months. I need to accept the fact that we're never be close again and i should be thankful for that six months of friendship......i need to get over this and start anew. I have to.

Maybe what's broken can start to shine again

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