Friday, August 23, 2013

Se7en; The Seven Deadly Sins

Is it weird that I'm drawn to things that are taboo like tattoos, prisons and murders? Watching movies that are mystery horror seems so satisfying for me. The way the killers think... the way they devised a impeccable plan to execute their murder is just so.. spectacular, like how the heck they thought of it?? I'm really thankful noone reads this blog or i can just die because seriously, i think this is too weird.

Anyway, today is just booooooooooring. Spending my days eating, sleeping, working, studying makes me wonder if i should live anymore. My life is as good as non-existent. I'm just surviving and not thriving like what i promised myself to do. Can something good just happen to me already? So sick of waiting and hoping every night that something miraculous might happen to me like you talking to me. Ha, foolish me, still clinging on to you after so many months. I need to re-organise my life and that starts with me preparing to go for band practice...sobs bye

Please let me reach high notes today ):

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