Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Be fit, not fat

Hi guys!

Woke up today to a good start by having 3 slices of walnut bread coated with Nutella mmmmm *~*
Headed to have some Korean food at my fav restaurant and shopped for awhile before watching City of Bones. Bought a 'fault in our stars' FINALLY NOW I CAN CRY LIKE OTHERS DID WHILE READING IT LOL.

Anyway i spent 13.90 on a cleaning swab for my bass clar meh ugh. Why are you not taking care of the instrument huh my dear junior? Feeling irritated that i have to spend my own money on a OLD bass clar because the new one is sent for repair (I chose to believe it's your fault tsk) plus i didn't get any pay on sunday ): Can everyone just let me whine about it.....stop saying it's a lesson learnt because i really really forgot about it unintentionally and this lesson cost me $77?????

Besides all this shit that i bought ( which I will regret when I'm broke), I purchased craft supplies for Alina's birthday hheheheeh but it's goddamn expensive too sobs and I treated my sis to today's lunch so bascially i spent 70++ = Sunday's pay.

Today's lunch was superb though, had pork, fried chicken and spring onion pancake. After eating all that, i felt fat and guilty. I need to start exercising so please give me strength to persevere pretty please. People need the strength to study, I need it to lose weight. Either way sucks though hmmm i shld start reading and live my life the way i want. Time to make a change during the holidays and I'm so excited to see what changes will there be in my life by October ;-)

Let me be something small yet significant in your life like your house keys . Something so small in your everyday life yet something that's so important and without it, your whole day is ruined. 

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