Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Word of the day

Hi. Yesterday was good. Met mummy at Northpoint to shop for work clothes and band shirt. Then, we headed to Causeway point for even more shopping but I didn't get anything ): Bought sushi and watched drama to 12 plus and this is how I'm spending my holidays lol. I'm basically either eating/sleeping/reading/working. I haven't started working out and I can feel all the fats sobs.

Supposed to wake up at 8 to do some hardcore conditioning (WTF HAHAHAAH i really find myself amusing) but then.......i woke up at 9.30am HAHAAHAHAHHA thus i didn't do any shit and rushed out of the house from work. Brought a chloe cake home heehehheheh to celebrate mummy and daddy birthday and yeah that's all. My life is so mundane that I can describe a day with one word. Like for today: birthday. Yesterday will be um shopping? I need to do something more productive or i will really slap myself for wasting the holidays.

Ok off to watch dramas heheheheehehehehe bye

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