Sunday, September 8, 2013


Blogging now after a full shift at work and I'm amazed that I'm still quite energetic considering i just break camp yesterday. Had subcomn camp yesterday and I'm in Rizcac ( cranes and horses). The camp was physically and mentally TIRING, no kidding. We had to solve puzzles after puzzles and there were some unhappiness during the final clashes but overall, it was ok. It wasn't that bad but neither that good either. Everyone was so tired on the second day that we all just didn't really talk much and getting all angsty over little matters. There was one interesting part though: WAITING FOR SUPPER. We literally waited 2 hours for our food to come and mine was wrong ):< AFTER ALL THE HUNGER I WENT THROUGH, IT'S WRONG. Luckily, the food wasn't that bad plus i was too hungry to care whether it's the right one as long as i have food. It was funny because all of us were so hungry that we kept cursing. The angrier we get, the more we curse = more hungry HAHHAHAHAHA then we gave up being angry and waited in pain ): During this process, we woke many people up cause we were too hungry to remain quiet. Also, one fun part was racing with Ella and Ty in sleeping bags hahaahah, ty looked like a worm while ella looked like a bean HAHAHHAHA. Everyone was practically string at us or judging our intelligence but you know what, YOLO. I don't know when I'm gonna jump in a sleeping bag and race and laugh so much if i don't try!

After the camp, I accompanied my dad for dinner and it broke me when i realised i missed his birthday while going for camp ); I'm sorry daddy, I know I'm not a good daughter but i will try harder to make you proud. Please don't give up on me and thank you for loving me so much, you are the only person who really loves me no matter what. thank you (-:

My dad then sent me to gram's for dinner part 2!!! She cooked my fav: chicken rice and my aunt ordered pizza too. Then, we had mooncakes from royal park and shangri-la ?? (ok i kinda forgot the names). Sadly, we didn't order birdnest mooncakes this year ): Those are my all time favourite mooncake, oh and wu ren also...if only someone can recommend me where to buy wu ren. It's hard to find one good one though and my mum doesn't really approve of sweet stuff. 


Woke up early and worked from 11-10. Had a H2H with Siva again and sigh, every talk makes me so depressed hahahah sigh ): Cried on the way home AGAIN and maybe that's the reason why I'm here typing all these out. 

Sigh M, don't be so withdrawn anymore. You are worrying me and as a friend, I should ask if you are ok but I really doubt you'll care and you don't even talk to antoinette ppl anymore. We are once good friends (I thought) and I really don't want anything bad to happen to you. Hearing about this today made me really sad, you aren't even a really quiet guy on the inside. What happened? Wtf I saw a guy that's looks abit like you (height and shoe) and a part of me still wished it's you so I can ask you if you're ok because I do mean what I say when I told you that I will listen to your problems like how you listen to mine.

Siva, hearing your story made me really sad. You love her wholeheartedly but she didn't. Love isn't fair. You waited for her while she already left. You still feel all these while she is indifferent to you. She used you and you let her. All because of the fact that you miss her. Still, you kept believing she miss you. Yes she do, maybe, but things will never go back to where they are. Give up and stop hurting.

And to me, I have to stop caring because all these is gonna hurt me so bad. It's already hurting me now.

"Be more concerned about your character than your reputation"-John Wooden

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